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How accurate are your measurements?
We are proud of the accuracy of our reports. Our reports set the standard for accuracy and are accepted by the largest insurance companies. Roofing and restoration contractors and insurance companies have conducted multiple case studies comparing EagleView reports against their manual measurements. The results have consistently shown that EagleView’s total square footage is extremely accurate by using rigorous, on-site reference measurements performed by experienced professionals. Investigations have shown that discrepancies most often occur due to approximations and incorrect geometric calculations made during the manual measurement process. This is not a problem with EagleView reports.

When will I receive my report?
The turnaround time for a single report is usually 3 days or fewer.

EagleView observes national holidays in the U.S. as well as certain bank holidays. Because EagleView is at a reduced capacity during these dates, some of our turnaround times may vary. You can check the delivery status of your order by visiting Reports & Order History on your My EagleView page. For additional help regarding report delivery please contact our customer service team toll-free at ukcustomerservice@eagleview.com, or at 0-800-069-8405.

What is your service coverage?
Our service coverage spans over 90% of the populated areas in the United States and several areas in Canada. In the United Kingdom, we have imagery of the Greater London area. You can see where we have captured imagery in the U.K. on our Coverage Map.



How do you determine the pitch?
Our proprietary patented software uses advanced image processing techniques to determine the pitch angles from aerial photographs. EagleView’s patented measurement technology allows us to accurately determine pitch in order to produce true, complete measurements in multiple dimensions. Because our measurements are generated from 3D diagrams, they maintain the true integrity and accuracy of the structure.

How current are your images?
EagleView uses the most recent, highest resolution image libraries available. Typically, the best available imagery is less than two years old. Areas of higher population growth or susceptibility to catastrophic storms are often photographed more frequently, whereas rural areas may be photographed less frequently.

What is your Accuracy Guarantee?
EagleView PremiumReports™ are guaranteed to be more accurate than any other measurement method. If you disagree for any reason, you won’t be charged for the report. Each EagleView PremiumReport goes through a five-step quality control process which allows us to deliver precision accuracy. Our Accuracy Guarantee is only available on PremiumReports which offer complete measurements, including pitches. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your order, we will refund the cost of the report. For questions about our Accuracy Guarantee contact us at ukcustomerservice@eagleview.com, or at 0-800-069-8405..

Why do you ask me to move the marker?
When you search for a property, a marker is placed on the map at the address coordinates. Sometimes the marker is positioned in an ambiguous location (such as the middle of a street or field) or there are multiple buildings on the same parcel of land. If this is the case, the marker will need to be re-positioned to ensure the correct structure is measured. You can also add notes in the optional information section to provide additional information relevant to locating your structure.

My email said the images were unavailable. What does this mean?
Properties are measured from aerial images. In some cases, these images may not be suitable for an accurate building measurement because the image quality is not sufficient (e.g. low resolution, blurry) or because too much of the building is obstructed (e.g. trees, debris). EagleView maintains a high standard for quality and accuracy and our image libraries are constantly growing. If your property cannot be accurately measured, you will not be charged for the report.

How are buildings located?
In order to correctly locate the structure we need to convert the street address into coordinates that can be pinpointed on a map, such as latitude and longitude. This allows us to pull the correct imagery. There are times when those coordinates don’t accurately line up, and we’ll need to confirm the location with you directly. The following are some instances when this may be necessary:

  • The address is incomplete or incorrect
  • The parcel of land contains more than one building, such as an apartment complex
  • The conversion resulted in a less accurate approximate location of the structure

I am not happy with my order. How do I correct this?
As part of our EagleView Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your order, we aren’t either. Contact us today at with any questions at ukcustomerservice@eagleview.com, or at 0-800-069-8405.

Where can I view the status of my report?
You can check the status of your report by visiting the Reports & Order History on your My EagleView page. In the report grid you can view the report number, date submitted, report type, address, delivery status and order status.

What do the statuses mean on the Reports & Order History page?

  • Created – The order has been placed.
  • Under Review – Images for the property are being pulled and reviewed.
  • Process Started – The measuring process has been started.
  • Pending – Site Map – The order is on hold and is pending a site map review by the customer.
  • Pending – Need To ID – The order is on hold and is pending property identification by the customer.
  • Closed – Duplicate – The order has been closed because two identical orders were placed by the customer.
  • Closed – Canceled By Client – The order has been closed because the customer cancelled the order.
  • Closed – Poor Images – The order has been closed because the image quality did not meet EagleView standards.
  • Closed – No ID – The order has been closed because the property could not be properly identified by the customer.
  • Closed – Report Type Change – The order has been closed because a different report type has been requested by the customer. The order has been closed because a different report type is needed to process the order.
  • Closed – No Images – The order has been closed because there are no images available for the property.
  • Closed – Card Rejected – The order has been closed because there was a processing error with the customer’s credit card.
  • Completed – Sent – The order has been completed and has been sent to the customer.

Where can I view my account activity?
All of your account activity is accessible on your My EagleView page. Your My EagleView page includes your account summary and links to view your Reports & Order History, Email & Password, Contact Information, Billing Information, and General Account Settings. You can also manage your Payment Options.

Billing and Payment


What are my payment options?
Paying for EagleView reports is easy. You can enter a credit card and we’ll bill you individually each time you order a report.

My EagleView


What is My EagleView?
My EagleView is where you can find all of your account information and personalise your account settings. Your My EagleView page includes your account summary and links to view your Reports & Order History, Email & Password, Contact Information, Billing Information, and General Account Settings.

Can I use a different credit card than the one I signed up with?
Yes, you can change your credit card information at any time. All payments to your account are charged using the same credit card information. This information can be viewed and updated on your Billing Information page.

Can I change the email address my reports are sent to?
By default we use the login email you used to create your account when delivering your reports. However, if you go to the Email & Password page, you can specify an alternate email address to use instead.



What is the difference between residential and commercial reports?
Residential reports generally apply to single family homes and duplexes, whereas commercial reports are anything larger than a duplex such as apartment complexes and commercial or industrial style buildings.

How do I receive my report?
You will receive an email with the final report attached once your order is completed.. You can also access your report by visiting the Reports & Order History page.

Can my order be cancelled once it has been submitted?
Yes. Contact our customer service department at ukcustomerservice@eagleview.com, or at 0-800-069-8405.

How do I order a report?
You need an EagleView account before you can place your order. Look for the Order or Log In button at the top of this page. Once you have an account, orders can be placed on our website from anywhere, at any time. To place your order, visit the Order page and enter the address of the structure you’d like measured. Proceed with the checkout process until you reach the order confirmation screen with your order number. In three business days or less you will receive an email with the report information you requested.

How do I know that you’ve received my order?
A confirmation email will be sent to you every time an order is submitted to us online via our website. You can always check your order status by signing in to your account and visiting your Reports & Order History page.

What if I place an order and it cannot be processed?
If your report cannot be processed due to imagery limitations, we still may be able to process your order as an Extended Coverage report. If no suitable imagery is available we will notify you and cancel the order.

Report Questions


What information is included with a PremiumReport?
PremiumReports come with aerial images of the property, a 3D diagram of the roof, length, area, pitch, and note diagrams and a summary page with waste table calculations.

What if I cannot estimate the size of the house? When will I know the price?
The cost of the report can vary depending on the number of squares. Pricing cannot be confirmed until the house is measured and the report is sent. At that time, customers will be notified of the size of the structure and the report will be billed.

How do I determine if a building is small, medium or large?
Small, medium or large will be determined by the size of the building in squares (9.2903 sq. meter area or 10 ft. x 10 ft.). The square meters of the structure will be determined and then the report will be billed. The use of squares is to help customers to estimate the size of the facility while fitting in with the normal industry terminology. For residential roofs, small is 20 squares (185 sq. m.) or less, medium is 21-40 squares (186-370 sq. m.) and large is 41 plus squares (371 sq. m. or more). For commercial roofs there is one price.*

*In situations where a building is too large to fit on one report, we will send you a sitemap to authorise additional orders.

What is the difference between commercial and residential reports?
Residential reports generally apply to single family homes and duplexes, whereas commercial reports are anything larger than a duplex such as apartment complexes and commercial or industrial style buildings.



How do I place the marker on the building if there are no images available?
Imaging used on the map for placing orders is not always indicative of our ability to complete a report on a property. If imaging is not available for a location or visibility is unclear for the property you need, please contact customer service to confirm availability.

Which browsers does your website support?
Internet browsers supported include Mozilla Firefox (10.0 or later), Google Chrome (18.0 or later), Microsoft Internet Explorer (7.0 or later) and Safari (6 or later).

Why can’t I open or view my reports?
Our reports are sent in PDF format by default. If you are having trouble viewing your reports, try installing the latest version of Adobe Reader. Alternative file formats may also be available, please contact us at to learn more.

Why didn’t I receive an email confirmation for my order?
A confirmation email is sent for every report that is ordered. If you did not receive an email, there are a couple of things you can check:

  • Sign into My EagleView and verify your email address is correct.
  • Check your Reports & Order History page to confirm that your order was placed. If not, you will need to place the order again.

Your order has been successfully placed when you see an order confirmation screen. If the problem persists please contact EagleView at.

I forgot my password. What do I do?
Go to our Login page and click on the “Forgot password or trouble logging in?” link. Enter the email address you use to login to your account click “Send Password.” A new temporary password will be sent to you in email.

Pictometry Imagery


What does oblique mean?
Oblique refers to the angle at which an image is captured. Unlike traditional satellite (top-down) imagery, our planes capture high-resolution images at a 40- to 45-degree angle, rendering structures and objects easier to identify and analyse. By capturing images at this angle, Pictometry imagery reveals greater detail, enabling users to see different views of structures or areas and notice relevant details such as street lights, fire hydrants, etc.

What about privacy issues?
While Pictometry imagery offers detailed information on building and property features, such as roof lines, road markings, bushes, and shrubs, the images cannot be viewed at sufficient levels of detail that would permit license plates to be readable or people to be recognised.

What is the advantage of Pictometry imagery?
Pictometry imagery offers advantages over traditional overhead photography or even satellite and GPS mapping. When the images are taken, every square foot of an area is captured in high-resolution detail, from both orthogonal and oblique angles, giving Pictometry imagery something traditional aerial images or even satellite and GPS mapping can’t provide: a detailed oblique view of any feature. The locational data associated with each pixel makes it possible for users to measure numerous geographic details such as distance, height, latitude/longitude coordinates, directional bearing and relative positioning. Deployment options include enterprise solutions for multiple users to access relevant information from the convenience of a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Pictometry Imagery Support


Can I zoom in on these images for more detailed information?
Yes. Pictometry imagery gives you the ability to zoom in and out of all images.

How are Pictometry images stored?
The image raster data is stored in an industry standard image file format such as JPEG, TIFF or MrSID.

Can the images be annotated?
Yes. EagleView provides a number of annotation tools and allows users to attach and geo-locate other documents or files, including a Word or Excel document, or even a corresponding image or video from another source.

What coordinate systems does EagleView support?
Internally, EagleView works in WGS84 lat/lon. However, EagleView can translate coordinate systems on-the-fly that enhance interoperability with many common coordinate systems.

What are the requirements for each client workstation?
EagleView’s software will run on most Windows platforms.



Can I get training?
To register for online training webinars or to request additional training go to www.eagleview.com/training.
To send our Training team an email: training@eagleview.com
To contact Customer Support: 0-800-069-8405 or ukcustomerservice@eagleview.com

Can I get documentation for this?
CONNECTAdmin has a fully documented help system accessible within the CONNECTAdmin application.

Will I need to install anything on my end to use this?
No, simply log in to CONNECTAdmin with the same username and credentials you use today.