Bustling city or rural countryside?

Pictometry Oblique Imagery
Whether it’s traffic you battle or distance and minor roads, visits out ‘In the Field’ simply reduce productivity.

Local councils require a level of familiarity with their authority areas that is often unachievable on foot. That’s why EagleView oblique imagery is leveraged across hundreds of local authorities.

See your authority area in high resolution from the four cardinal directions as well as straight down. With a view like that, local councils and national agencies can get the job done efficiently.

Who can benefit from EagleView oblique imagery?

  • National Valuation Organizations: Inspect property details remotely and automatically detect property change
  • Local Valuation Offices: Avoid field visits with remote inspection
  • Planning Departments: See your authority area overlaid and perfectly co-ordinated on your mapping systems
  • Public Safety: View caller locations with up-to-date imagery and review property details before arriving at the scene